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King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense


There are games that make us happy for a moment and there are games that make it difficult for us to leave. King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense MOD APK is the second. This is the sequel to the gamer King of Defense: Battle Frontier. This time, turrets, heroes, and invaders are all back, but much more beautiful, epic, and fierce than anything we’ve known.
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April 14, 2022
Android 5.0

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About King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense

New heroes, turrets, and invaders for the great battle!


Several millennia ago, the kingdom of the dwarves was the only place that possessed the greatest civilization of mankind. The kingdom was on the verge of being invaded by the Nagath species. This fearsome race full of ambition could summon and command tons of monsters with all shapes and sizes from hell to come there to kill. Your mission is to command the nation’s army, build defensive fortresses and choose heroes and warriors. After that, with the right defense tactics, join the historic war to protect the nation’s borders.


If there’s a chance that you come across this article, read it before playing. It’s not only to increase the excitement of waiting, but also to adventure the visual improvements of the second season of defense called King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense. In this game, many contexts are available, and each has a clear difference. Besides, this time, the explosion effects, flying dragons and glowing things are even more magical. Sometimes while playing, stop for a second and look at the whole scene, you will find yourself in charge of millions of people. How proud you are going to be!

Unchanged specialties

The core value and speciality of the previous part, as you know, is the ability to stack turrets together to create the best battle in each level. In part 2, the specialty of “stacking tower” remains the same. The turrets also cause more attack effects such as bombs, machine guns, flamethrowers… And with this self-powered strength, when stacked together, they can be extremely strong.

Of course, with a better, more eye-catching look, and clean graphics after the refresh period, the stacking experience is now much better.


The operation in this game is simply to use the defensive towers on the map, build and arrange them properly. At the same time, you need to allocate troops and heroes to distinct positions for tower defense and goalkeeper. The goal is not to let any enemy get close to the country’s stronghold.

As its name, Epic Tower Defense, this King of Defense game part 2, we still pursue the purpose of defending the stronghold and defeating the invaders. To do this, you will play as the heroes of the battle who gather strength and awaken the hidden potential of each person. Mixing is the process of collecting necessary equipment such as magic, combat power, techniques, and tactics. Combining all of them will be able to repel the enemy.

It can be said that the key to success to protect the kingdom and defeat all the most aggressive monsters in the game is Strategy. If in the previous part, you just need to stack the tower well to finish. Now everything is different. If you don’t have a specific plan, a decent array strategy and pacing, don’t expect to win the battle. A level will have many ways to pass depending on your strategy and ingenuity. For each strategy, the enemy’s posture or reaction will also be different. So, no matter how many times you play, you will always find something new.

What’s new besides improving tactics and massive towers?

The scene this time is much more monumental and realistic. In front of you now is not just a simple aimless scene anymore. You will really go on an adventure to explore the world of frozen lands, scorching desert, the sacred land of the gods or a strange kingdom hidden in the deep forest.

For a gamer like me, knowing in advance that there is a whole new world waiting for me ahead is a huge motivation. Moreover, as an army of heroes, just thinking about a place waiting for your support makes you both exhilarating and proud at the same time.


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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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